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We go beyond just walking your dog.

Our business idea is based on understanding and balancing our pets. They are part of our family, and each has an important role to play in our pack.

Our company develops and implements technologies to improve the productivity of our employees. We also develop intelligent connections so that you are always close to your pet.

Technological implementation.

We believe that your pet's mental health goes hand in hand with your own mental health. That is why it is important to bear in mind that having a dog or cat entails responsibilities that cannot be avoided.

Holistic solutions for your pet.

Coordinated work structures.

We implement a basic psychology manual, built on these 10 years of experiences with a large group of pets. We replicate the succesful stories in our new pack members. 

Love  and respect for animals.

Our services are designed to offer structured solutions, under our system of compassion, love and understanding. Consequently, your pet will be balanced and happy. 

Our secret is that we are animals passionate professionals, who also come from corporate and demanding worlds. With all this expertise we build our brand. We want to make your pet happier than ever. 


Quality System ISO 9001

We structured the company under the quality parameters of ISO 9001 through  our continuous improvement processes. This to our clients satisfaction and their pet´s happiness. 




Pet Psycology




Happy pack leaders

Layla B.

Griffin's Mom

Alejandro was excellent. I am very happy with the care he provided for my dog while I was away, 10/10! I recommend him to everyone! He responded promptly, provided all the right elements for my dog to have a great stay, and he sent really nice photos of their adventures. Big thanks to him!

Gabriela G. Gunner's Mom

Natali was amazing with Gunner! He sometimes gets fear based aggression when put in certain situations, however I was able to be gone for 7 days and not worry about him! He showed zero aggression and had a great time with Natali, her husband and another dog they were watching: Griffin! She kept me updated about what his day looked like every night and I received a photo a day as well! Will be using her again when my husband and I need to leave town????? Of course we will!

Natalie B. Ember's Mom

AI cannot say enough good things about Saria’s Pack. Natali and Alejandro are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animals. They’ve given me sound advice on both nutrition and behavioural issues — my dog Ember is quickly becoming a better walker!  They are also incredibly gentle and kind. Ember just adores them!  It’s such a gift to be able to leave Ember with people who care for her and have such a wide variety of experience with pets. I highly recommend these wonderful people and their business.

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